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My name is Andrew and I’m a final year student studying Computer Games Art at Teesside University. I’m 21 years old (at the time of writing) and I come from Teesside. I am very passionate about what I do and it would be my dream to work in the games industry.

However, I would be just as content working in any other sector of the CGI industry such as Films, TV, medical visualisation or architectural visualisation etc, as they all use similar software/workflows but in a different context. My aspiration is to one day be an art director/founder of a creative studio and create some interesting pieces of interactive media. In the meantime though , I want to continually push my technical skills and better myself as an artist so that I can be ready for as many opportunities as possible. In addition to creating art, I also have an interest in photography which has been a passion of mine for a long time but it has never gone past the hobby stage although I wouldn’t mind doing that for living either 😉

As part of my final year at university, I have to undertake a personal project, a research project, a group project and produce some concept art (as set out in our assessment) as part of the modules on the course.

The personal project is our major project which counts for a massive chunk of my degree and it is basically my dissertation! The research project is a smaller version of the dissertation but nonetheless is still quite good because it gives us a chance to explore subjects we wouldn’t normally cover on the course (like for example I am exploring Flow maps in games). The group project is very interesting because we have to develop a game, simple as that! I have done this before (well, helped make some levels but it was in a emulated studio environment) but this time we are working with final year games programmers and there is no restrictions on what we can do (obviously it has to be ethically sound but that is not usually a problem).

All this means that I’m extremely busy at the moment! and so far I think I’m coping quite good considering how much I work I have to do. I dedicate a day of the week to each module (or more depending on how much the module contributes to the year) which I know is a similar strategy to what some other students are doing and it certainly works!

Anyways, hopefully this has been a good introduction for you and I shall try to update this blog as regularly as possible!

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