One Year Later…

First and foremost – the blog is back! To those who were following it before (or now) and waiting to see how my final year project turned out, it is being taken back to the drawing board so watch this space!

So what has happened in the past year? Well I graduated from University! 😀 and I managed to get a job doing real-time rendering in business applications. That means I’m using my games art skills all the time and it is located near home so that is awesome. I was very lucky to get the job (especially straight out of university) and that has kept me pretty occupied so not much personal work has been done at all which is terrible of me!

However recently, I have started to do personal work again and I wanted to do something small and simple but not too small and simple so it would be “boring”. I decided that I wanted to do some fan art from one of my favourite games but when I started to make a list…it became quite large lol. But I made a decision nonetheless and decided to re-create something from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Box Art. Source: Wikipedia
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

There were plenty of buildings I could choose from (I may do more) but I chose the GDI power plant. However, instead of a straight update I wanted to put my own spin on the asset so I looked to its earlier concepts to see how it changed throughout the game’s development. I also incorporated some elements from other buildings too.

This is the result so far:

WIP Screenshot of my GDI Power Plant
GDI Power Plant WIP

This isn’t all I’ve been up to…I’ve also started to learn C# (to use in Unity for now anyway). I’ve tried to get into programming for a while now due to my growing interest in shaders (plus I tried to make some in Unity but that didn’t work too well) but I’ve found it difficult to learn but I’m getting there and I’m enjoying it.


Being in such a small studio at work has made me realise that even if we can be aware of another discipline’s process or even understand how your work fits within their pipeline then it can go a long way.

Till the next blog post!

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