A Progress Update…

Hi all,

Firstly, I hope everyone is enjoying their winter breaks! I have been home to spend time with the family and I have certainly enjoyed it although it is good to get back to the peace and quiet of my house!

I started writing my dissertation (or the final year report as it is also known as) and I think I’m doing okay with writing it at the moment. I have done about half of a section (although it could turn into a quarter of one if I keep on going the way I’m writing) which I am proud of because this is the first time I have done a substantial amount of academic writing. This is due to the fact I don’t do it that often and I must say I am enjoying it on some occasions because it is very big challenge and I like to be challenged and solve problems!

As I keep on writing, I become more and more aware of how much I have to write and it becomes very daunting! I have a plan to write a certain amount of words to write every week which if I keep to then it doesn’t seem that bad at all.

You may notice there hasn’t been any “artistic” contributions/links yet and this is because I am still researching/gathering inspiration in that department 😉

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