My Final Year Project: What Am I Doing and Why?

Screenshot of Introduction FMV from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver showing the Sanctuary of the Clans Throne Room
Screenshot of Sanctuary of the Clans Throne Room (Introduction FMV) from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

After I made the blockout of the scene (See previous post), I decided to go back to the drawing board and see what environment I could make that would keep me interested throughout this project, is more “games” oriented and encompasses my desire to create real-world architecture from the Medieval period.


What Environment Am I Creating?

I am recreating the Sanctuary of the Clans’ throne room from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (As seen in the intro cutscene) which serves as the throne of one of the main characters, Kain. However, I will be putting my own twist on it and make it (in my opinion) more of a throne room than in the game. (A note though: this game was released in 1999 and the graphics were very limited so the execution of the developer’s vision would have been limited too)

I’ll be gathering lots of reference(s) (due to this project being an academic paper as well) and it will incorporate real world architecture too (in fact I’m reading quite a few books on Gothic architecture which are turning out to be excellent reads!) which shouldn’t be too difficult as the world of Legacy of Kain already incorporates Gothic architecture.

Why This Particular Environment?

I wanted to incorporate Gothic architecture into my environment for the final year project because I find it very inspiring and for me it has a “wow” factor every time I look at it. However, I have wanted for a while now to recreate an environment/character from an old game I’ve enjoyed but I couldn’t think of anything that combined the two ideas (recreating an old game with non fictional elements) and was good enough to form a base for an academic paper. A solution then hit me, why not make an environment from the Legacy of Kain series? It has Gothic architecture in it (especially Legacy of Kain: Defiance) and I love the series due it’s story and dark fantasy setting.

My next thought was: What do I want to recreate? (but have my own twist on it) and one particular landmark in the series stood out, The Pillars of Nosgoth which serve a fundamental role in the Legacy of Kain Universe and eventually (as ruins) become the seat of Kain’s Empire (who is their corruption and subsequent status as ruins).

Stay tuned as I will be posting more of my progress very soon!

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