The Final Year Project Specification

Since our final year project is a personal one, we had to come up with our own specification (which is agreed upon with our supervisor who is helps us with project management and stuff like that), I started to look at what interests me and what interests me is technology! Mainly the latest technologies in real-time graphics (which is most cases is in games).

For me, pushing the boundaries of what is possible (technologically speaking) is really inspiring and we are continually doing that with real-time rendering which is really good because in a few years time (I think) it will be at the same level as what you see in films today.

One such inspiration is the Heaven Benchmark Demo

Unigine Dragon

So…here is my actual specification for my final year project:

DirectX 11: From an Artist’s Perspective

The project will investigate the latest technologies in real-time graphics. It will be focused from an artist’s point of view in terms of how it is used in today’s games and it will fully explore the art creation workflows that are used by the industry. A game engine which supports the latest technologies will be used to carry out this investigation.

At the end of this project (and this degree), ideally I would love to be working in the CGI industry and getting my foot in the door. It wouldn’t matter to me what sector I was working in as long as I was making creative content.

By the end of this project, a high quality and well informed report will be produced supported by a professionally built, industry standard 3d environment which highlights the findings of my report and can be used as a piece for my portfolio.

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